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Editor's Notes

The spike motif is a relatively new motif introduced in 2012. The spike motif was designed by creator Richard Stark's daughter Jessie Jo Stark. The intention of the design was to create a new motif as Jessie felt that the classic Chrome Hearts motifs had gotten a bit stale. 

The result is an innovative and powerful spike motif that not only shows off the silver's natural splendor but also evokes a profound feeling that is hard to describe. 

This spike drop earring creates a sense of free-flowing spirit and feeling as the gorgeous silver spikes move and dance with the movement of the wearer. 

We recommend this product to those who resonate deeply with Chrome Heart's rebellious rock 'n' roll attitude. This earring is suitable for both men and women. 

Product includes
  • Chrome Hearts Original Genuine Leather Pouch
  • Genuine Product Certificate 
  • Original Chrome World Box
  • Original Chrome World Silver Polishing Cloth

All Chrome Hearts silver earrings are brand new and made from 925 sterling silver.

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