How do you check for authentic versus fake Chrome Hearts? 

There is a large number of fake and imitation Chrome Hearts products being sold in the world. Although these are most commonly found in imitation and second hand marketplaces, as a smart consumer, you can never be too prepared.

Different types of fakes explained

Imitation: These are pieces that do not bare the Chrome Hearts logo anywhere on the product, they are mimicking the style and design of Chrome Hearts but not explicitly stating that it is Chrome Hearts. These products usually target those who wish to acquire the Chrome Hearts style at a much lower price point.

Tell: Look for Chrome Hearts branding on the product. Every single Chrome Hearts product is branded in some way officially with a logo.

Fake: These are pieces that have the Chrome Hearts logo on them and the design is either a copy of an existing product or the style is similar.


Tell: Silver content. Because Chrome Hearts pieces are always made out of 100% sterling silver, the cost of production is high. Fake manufacturers will almost always try to reduce their costs by using lower grade silver.

How to test the silver content of your Chrome Hearts jewelry

  1. Look for a stamp: silver products that do not have a stamp are definitely not made of sterling silver, and Chrome Hearts only uses sterling silver. There should be an inscription that says “.925”, “Sterling” or “Ster” on every single piece of authentic Chrome Hearts silver jewelry.
  2. Test with a magnet: Silver is only very slightly magnetic, if the magnet sticks strongly to the piece, then the piece is either not silver or has another metal at it’s core.
  3. Ice test: Put some ice on your silver, because silver is such a great heat conductor, the ice will melt very quickly.
  4. Conduct a chemical test: Purchase a silver acid test online and drop some acid on you silver (if you think it is plated you will need to make a smalls scratch on it to reveal the metal underneath). After dropping the acid, sterling silver should turn the acid dark red, if it’s any other color besides red, it is not sterling silver.

Some other things to look out for:

  1. Chrome Hearts has excellent craftsmanship, if the engravings and letterings look poorly defined or smudged, it is most likely a fake, unless it’s an aged piece where the markings have been worn away slightly.

  2. The edges of engravings should be smooth and not jagged.
  3. There should be a good weight to it since it’s sterling silver and Chrome Hearts is generous with the silver content, even for cheaper pieces.
  4. No part of the piece should be too thin, almost all the designs have a nice thickness to it, if a part of it is too thin, these are usually fake pieces where the manufacturer is saving costs.