Direct and Trusted Transactions with Official U.S. Chrome Hearts Stores

We do business with all official Chrome Hearts stores in the United States, and we import from New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Malibu, and Honolulu official Chrome Hearts stores. Due to the long-standing relationship of trust with the American stores and Chrome World LLC., we can buy in bulk at discounted rates, as well as obtain pieces that are difficult to source as a regular customer.

Our Chrome Hearts items are directly imported from the official Chrome Hearts retail stores in USA, or from Japan's official Chrome Hearts authorized retailer, United Arrows Ltd.), so you do not have to worry about imitations or second-hand products and can use them with full confidence.


23 Years Since Founding. Over 20 Retail Stores. Over 25,000 Shipments.

Since its founding, our shop has been favored by many Chrome Hearts enthusiasts in Japan. We have opened over 20 retail stores. Our staff have specialized in luxury jewelry for years and will be able to provide you with in-depth product knowledge and expertise.

If you have any questions regarding size, texture, etc, please feel free to contact us.

Chrome Hearts Invoice, Pouch, and Certificate Warranty issued by our shop.

Order with peace of mind knowing that we provide our customers with the United States Chrome Hearts direct import commercial invoice (upon request).

Our products all come with the Chrome Hearts genuine leather pouch and our guarantee of authenticity.

Flow from Chrome Hearts product import to delivery 

1. Products are ordered from U.S. Chrome Hearts stores. We keep regular inventory levels based on product demand.
2. Products are shipped by air freight from U.S. to Japan. Products arrive at our store via Kansai airport

3. Imported goods are immediately inspected for flaws and deficiencies such as scratches or dirt. Only items that pass our inspection are then included in our inventory.

4. Products are carefully packaged and shipped to customer. Products which are in stock on our online shop can be shipped within 1 business day.

    Understand the import status from regular stores and US chrome hearts stores

    We use the fast and reliable international delivery service "EMS" for importing from regular Chrome Hearts stores.

    To ensure that customers using the Chrome World online shopping specialty store can place their orders with peace of mind, we check the flow of parcels at each regular Chrome Hearts store and our store every day.

    Disclose information such as imported products and new arrival information

    For products imported from Chrome Hearts stores in the United States, we will announce the arrival of these new products on our front page and via our newsletter, so please subscribe to our mailing list below if you would like to be kept up to date.

     ■ Notes about the product individual differences ■

    Chrome Hearts leather products and silver products are all handmade. Due to the nature of the highly meticulous and individualized manufacturing process, there are subtle differences between the product images and the actual product. For example, the color of the leather and the exact engravings could have minor differences. Please be aware that there may be individual differences between the image on the product page and the actual product, such as the color tint of leather and the engraving of silver.