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About Us

Chrome World, Japan, was founded in 1997, and is Japan's most trusted Chrome Hearts dealer. We also sell many other brands besides Chrome Hearts (see below). 

Chrome World is a dealer of Chrome Hearts products, meaning we source our products directly from the official brand in California, USA, or from official authorized retailers, such as United Arrows Ltd. in Japan, but not from off-market retailers. This allows us to buy in bulk at more favorable rates, compared to if you bought from physical Chrome Hearts stores.

We are NOT, however, an authorized retailer of Chrome Hearts (if you are interested in purchasing from authorized retailers, please visit - https://www.chromehearts.com/retailers.html)

Over the past 23 years, we have opened over 20 physical stores in Japan. All our products are brand new and 100% authentic.

Corporate Philosophy

Independent self-prosperity

Rather than relying on others, they stand and act with their own strength. By doing so, people around us will prosper together. In addition, I don't just want to be myself, but also take care of my surroundings and take action to create a synergistic effect, and everyone will prosper naturally.


"Rise after predecessor" ... "Prosper if you leave righteousness first and leave righteousness." In other words, the teaching is that if you pursue profits before doing useful things in the world, your business will prosper and profits will be born and prosper. In business, pursuit of profit was not considered first, but always righteousness.

Some of Our Other Brands 

Bloody Mary
In 1999, Bloody Mary was born as an accessory brand. The beauty and organic design of metal engraving unfolds its own world view. The closer you are, the more impressive you will be and you will be able to wear it for a long time. Amulet with meaning. " This is the accessory that Bloody Mary aims for.
Designer: Founded in 2000 by Rick Maverick. Based in LA, he develops various artworks such as oil painting, interior goods design, musician's CD jacket and logo design, and also specializes in shop interiors. Some of his most famous CD jackets include Eminem, ZZTOP and Guns N 'Roses. Items created from the unique view of the world of Kale are described as "wearable art", and ideas and designs full of originality cultivated in multiple fields are extremely popular in Japan.
Daniel Wellington
A watch brand from Sweden established in 2011. Daniel Wellington watches are now available in 80 countries, including the United States, Sweden and Norway. Simple and large dial, thin case, NATO type belt with abundant colors that can be replaced according to your preference. In addition to such a stylish design, a reasonable price is also a popular secret. The design variations are broadly divided into two types: classical ones with round face and leather, and preppy ones with NATO. The sophisticated unisex design fits any occasion, from casual to suit style.
ICE-WATCH is a Belgian fashion watch brand that is popular around the world. The imaginative design, which combines a variety of eye-catching colors with unique materials and fashionable styles, has attracted much media attention as early as possible. High quality but affordable, so the collection is high and you can choose various colors depending on your outfit.

A group that has roots in traditional Belgian craftsmanship, devotes everything to quality, and continues to fancy and design accessories that fit the times-"KOMONO". An accessory brand that develops unisex items, mainly watches and eyewear, founded in 2009 in Antwerp, Belgium, by two artists Ruff Maes and Anton Jansens. The brand name "KOMONO" is inspired by the Japanese "accessories", and is meant to be loved by people of all ages, young and old, as the depth and diversity of the meaning of the word. The design concept is “Retro Future”. It features "unique material use" that has reduced the era in a stripped-down "minimal design". It has the sophistication of Antwerp, which has produced many fashion designers.

Olivia Burton

A brand from London, founded in 2012 by Liza Bennett and Gemma Fennings. The two met at the London College of Fashion, a fashion college in London, where they met on the first day of enrollment and became best friends. After that, he gained buying experience at the famous British department store SELFRIDGE (Self Ridges) and the world-famous Web Shop ASOS (Aesos), and a wristwatch brand that pioneered low-cost and stylish fashion in the market Noting that there was no, decided to establish a brand. Leveraging their experience in the fashion industry, they design a fashion watch that women are looking for in femininity, vintage, trends and pricing. An exquisite combination of a simple and chic case design and a strap with a calm texture, adding contemporary essence from fashion trends to a simple and elegant watch. It is thought that you can make your own original closet by collecting watches so that you can feel like clothes.


"Time" which is naturally there, snuggles up to life and is the standard. The symbol for time (º '") is also a symbol for location information. It is said that the concept of time was originally equivalent to movement. Art, philosophy, natural science, psychology, etc. "Time" is an important theme in various fields. We want to work with you to create a store that reconsiders the theme of time as a shop related to the time of watch and clock selection. There are many unknown watch brands in the world, and new creators are born today. I would like to introduce them from a unique perspective. I think it will lead to the quality of life, which has become a theme in various fields in recent years.

L:A Bruket
L: a Bruket, a lifestyle organic skin care brand founded in 2008, based on traditional spa therapies in the city of Varberg on the west coast of Sweden. The products, carefully blended with high quality organic materials from the sea and land, are filled with the bounty of nature that has survived the harsh weather of the coastal region and the strong sunlight. Daily 15-minute habits create beautiful skin tomorrow. Experience Swedish relaxation that creates happiness with simple recipes that make use of the raw materials, functional and stylish minimal bottles, and luxurious aromas that heal the mind.